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Carriage House

Former Edith guest room with renovation overlay

Designer: Nikki Klugh of Nikki Klugh Design Group – Nikki’s philosophy is, “your home is a Sacred Space and a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and respite. Interior design extends far beyond making spaces beautiful, comfortable or even simply functional. Sacred Spaces have the ability to change our lives — to shift the way we feel and the way we function at a deep level.” Not only does she believe in your home as a Sacred Space, Nikki also designs to your 5 senses and shows her clients the true meaning of EveryDay Luxury Living.

Room Features : Our Kitchenette Suites are on two floors. Upstairs features a queen size bed, and bathroom with a walk-in shower. Downstairs features a fully-stocked kitchenette, a wood-burning fireplace, a dining table, a separate seating area, and a fold-out twin couch. The adjacent room (Teddy) can also be booked, at additional charge, and the two rooms can be securely linked to each other, creating a large, 4-6 person suite with kitchen.

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